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As a social worker and long time yogi it only made sense that I was drawn to integrate the two disciplines. As a social worker I�ve seen how various forms of therapy enhance mental and emotional well-being. When combined with the mind-body connection of yoga in a holistic approach to therapy, we can extend those benefits to mind body and soul!

Yoga helps us self-regulate, calming the mind and body in a practice involving yoga postures, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques. Participants build a gentle, healing relationship with their bodies as an important step on the path to recovery and the process of healing.

I offer Yoga as healing practice through my expertise in trauma-sensitive yoga classes designed to be more therapeutic in nature for those who have survived all types of trauma. This includes PTSD, recovery from addiction, illness, emotional, physical abuse or other past or present stresses including mental illness such as depression/anxiety. Trauma-sensitive yoga allows students to connect to breath through gentle movements, encouraging a focus on the present moment and distinguishing past events from current reality to move along in the healing process.

In addition to completing the Prison Yoga Project training for teaching yoga in prisons and rehabilitation centers, I am certified through the Trauma Center 40-hour trauma-sensitive yoga training. I have been teaching incarcerated women for some time now, and find it one of the most rewarding areas of my practice.