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Improve employees� productivity and job satisfaction with Yoga in the Office!

Due to demanding work and busy schedules, many struggle to find time for physical activity. So bring the physical and mental benefits of yoga to them! There are many advantages to having a yoga program right in your office.

Yoga has been shown to:
  • enhance memory and concentration
  • improve immune systems
  • provide immediate stress reduction
  • Promote well-being in the office

Yoga also addresses three of the leading causes of absenteeism low productivity: back pain, stress and fatigue.

Yoga in the workplace is an excellent way for employees to take a mental break while reaping immediate effects for their bodies. Group yoga sessions can also foster stronger connections within the workplace and help with team building. Staff members return to their work feeling less stressed and ready to approach even their most demanding tasks in a more calm, collaborative and productive manner.

My corporate yoga classes focus on three essential aspect of the yoga practice: Asana (postures), breathing techniques and mindful meditation to enhance focus.

Classes are beginner-friendly and open to all levels of yogis and yoginis in the office!